Self-Sufficiency: A Lifestyle Perspective, w/ Chris Conley.

In this episode you will hear from Chris Conley: business owner, entrepreneur, husband, father, and, particularly for this episode, a mast of Self-Sufficiency. I’ve known Chris and his wife, Cira, for many years now. They are the ultimate DIY’ers. Cooking, gardening, composting, building furniture, starting businesses, making kombucha. You name it, they do it. What I’ve learned, though, is that these practices are less of a skillset and more of a way of life. Chris will talk about his perspective on trying new things, embracing the journey, and how failure is merely information that needs to be listened to. You will leave episode inspired to try to things! Oh, and by the way, Chris is also a brilliant marketing and creative mind. Check out his pages below!

You can find Chris at:

His business IG

His business website

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