Nuts for Longevity: An Inspirational Story, w/ Caleb and Austin Majors.

At too young of an age, the father of Austin and Caleb Majors was given two weeks to live, diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer. Mr. Majors decided to take his health into his own hands, turning to major lifestyle changes in hopes he could defeat the odds. He would survive 7 years, inspiring and educating many along the way. Mr. Majors strength and selflessness in this situation is incredible, but equally as impressive is his family around him. Fast forward to today, Caleb and Austin have taken the recipes their mother used to aid in the health of their father and turned them into a successful business that gives healthier and higher quality snacks to all of us, BrothersNuts. I am so sincerely impressed with each of them, and consider myself fortunate to have been introduced to them. You can find them and their products at their website as well as their instagram pages:

BrothersNuts Website

Brothers Nuts Instagram