Author: mikericchio

From Struggling Mom to Inspiring Coach, w/ Gina DiGiovanni-Kirby.

Gina is a mother of 3, wife, aunt, and has a full time career. Her 40th birthday became a motivation for her to start making some changes. 3 years later a simple internet program would eventually lead to a life transformation. Gina tells us her struggles, ones that we can all relate to, and how […]

Financial Health For Life Health, W/ David Chudyk.

Today we discuss the parallels between financial and physical health with David Chudyk of Parallel Financial and the Weekly Wealth Podcast. Who has not experienced financial stress? For many this is a significant daily struggle and certainly takes a toll on our physical health, immune systems, and mood. David talks us through the similarities between […]

Perspective: Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle.

Today I speak about the societal perspectives regarding healthy eating and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Are dieting and healthy eating synonymous? Why have we focused our lifestyle decisions solely around weight loss and our appearance? Are we self aware? You will leave this episode with a lot to consider. Please let […]

Mindset During Adversity: From Parkinson’s to Ninja Warrior, w/ Jimmy Choi.

In this episode you will hear the incredible story of Jimmy Choi. Jimmy was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease at 27 years old. Today he walks us through his path from acceptance of his diagnosis, to his motivation to never let it be a limitation for him. Since then, Jimmy has participated in 5 […]

Chronic Pain: The Trainers Role, w/ Lucy Hendricks.

What is the trainers role when it comes to working with people experiencing chronic pain? While treating and diagnosing pain is assuredly the role of the rehabilitation professional, it is an equal necessity for qualified trainers to be able to help people in chronic pain workout safely, continue seeing results in the areas possible, and […]

Self-Sufficiency: A Lifestyle Perspective, w/ Chris Conley.

In this episode you will hear from Chris Conley: business owner, entrepreneur, husband, father, and, particularly for this episode, a mast of Self-Sufficiency. I’ve known Chris and his wife, Cira, for many years now. They are the ultimate DIY’ers. Cooking, gardening, composting, building furniture, starting businesses, making kombucha. You name it, they do it. What […]

Self-awareness and Body Cues: Understanding your needs, w/ Vilmaliz Bosque.

In today’s episode, Vilma and I talk about the importance of understanding your body, it’s cues, and the affects of our choices. Our bodies are fantastic messengers, if only we have the ability to listen. Vilma will talk you through the importance of giving your body what needs, whether that be time, experiences, or a […]

Just Start with 7 Minutes: Motivation, Discipline, and Movement, w/ Tony Stubbs.

Tony Stubbs is a former professional football player who learned during his younger years just how important movement and nutrition were to his health. While on the outside Tony looked like the definition of health, internally his body was giving him warning signals. Tony was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which motivated him to make […]