Author: mikericchio

Energy Deficiency and Intuitive Eating, w/ Dietician Brittany Wehrle.

In this episode you will hear from registered dietician Brittany Wehrle. Brittany primarily works with the athletic population, but has experience working with all ages and backgrounds. We explore the concept of ‘relative energy deficiency’. Essentially, are you properly fueling yourself for your needs? Both athletes and general adult populations struggle with balancing their food […]

Cancer: Lifestyle for Treatment and Prevention, w/ Dr. Colin Champ

In today’s episode you will hear from Radiation Oncologist Dr. Colin Champ. Dr. Champ is a former MIT graduate, currently practicing at Duke University. You will hear us discuss his research regarding cancer, and lifestyles role in both treatment and prevention. You will also hear: Dr. Champ’s views on the keto diet and intermittent fasting. […]

Kids Eat in Color: Child Nutrition, Tactics, and Habit Building, w/ RD Jennifer Anderson

In this episode you will hear from Jennifer Anderson, a registered dietician who specializes in child nutrition and eating habits. I have been a big fan of Jennifer’s content for a long time now. Her tactics have made a significant impact on how I approach feeding my children. I now have healthier eaters with less […]

Postural Restoration and your Asymmetrical Body, w/ DPT Dan Houglum.

In this episode you will hear from Doctor of Physical Therapy Dan Houglum. Dr. Houglum works with adults and athletes of all backgrounds, helping them to decrease pain, bounce back from injury, and most importantly, move better. Dr. Houglum utilizes PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) techniques in his practice, and today you will learn all about […]

Control of your life through control of your schedule, w/ your host.

Todays episode is the last of 2020! I will be ending the first season with a solo episode discussing the importance of owning your schedule. Are you on the boat or in the waves? Identify your starting points and listen in to my step by step process for starting and following a calendar. In this […]

Youth athletes, injuries, and prevention w/ DPT Kayla Fujimoto Epperson.

In this episode you will hear from physical therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach Kayla Fujimoto Epperson. Kayla, a former collegiate Tennis player, experienced her own serious injuries throughout her career. Her early experience in the realm peaked her interest in rehabilitation and working with athletes of all ages. Kayla now owns her own […]

Breathe Ezy: Life, Loss, and Entrepreneurship w/ Lindsay Ezykowich.

In this episode you will hear from Lindsay Ezykowich, the former Forbes event coordinator who was educated through the highly respected Disney Business school. Lindsay is a connector of people. I was connected to Lindsay through a personal connection of ours and since then have met some amazing people through her. Recently, Lindsay lost her […]