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Making life transitions, with Katie Hoff and Todd Anderson

This week you will hear from an athletic power couple and two of the hardest working and most intelligent people I’ve been honored to work with. Katie Hoff and Todd Anderson discuss their time in professional sports and how they’ve made tough transitions into the next stages of their lives. You’ll also hear Katie’s experience […]

The power of philanthropy, on others and ourselves, with Josh Hale

In this episode you will hear from Josh Hale, President and CEO of Big Shoulders Fund. Big Shoulders fund is a charity group that works with 76 inner city Catholic Schools in the Chicago-land area. The fund provides everything from scholarships and mentorships to organizing volunteer groups inside the schools and aiding in enrollment. The […]

Exercise as prevention with professor Dr. Stacey Ruholl

In this episode you will hear from a mentor of mine, Dr. Stacey Ruholl. Dr. Ruholl is a professor in the department of Exercise science, sport and recreation at Eastern Illinois university, as well as the director of the Adult Fitness program which works directly with the surrounding community. In this episode you will hear […]

Genetics, disease and the role of the fitness professional with David Harris.

Today you hear from David Harris, former Vice President of Health and Human Performance with Equinox Fitness clubs and currently doing great work with Simon Sinek. David has been a pivotal piece to the fitness industry, and specifically to myself as a fitness professional. He has helped to grow the role of a fitness pro, […]

When one door closes another opens. The habits of a pro with Ayinde Avery.

Today I sit down with Ayinde Avery, former professional basketball player turned body builder. Avery is from Chicago, playing college ball right here at DePaul University. His current mission is to earn his pro car in body building. No small feat while standing at 6’9! In this episode you will hear: Ayinde’s experience in professional […]

Staying active with an orthopedic surgeon: Dr. Grant Garrigues

Guest: Dr. Grant Garrigues Today I sit down with Dr. Grant Garrigues, orthopedic surgeon, Harvard, MIT and Duke graduate, and co-physician for the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls.  In this episode you will hear:  Stretching and strengthening to decrease risk of injuries.  Why you need to schedule your free time.  How to ensure you […]

Health and habits with an olympian: Ryan Gambin

Ryan Gambin  Title: Health and habits with an Olympian: Ryan Gambin Guest: Ryan Gambin Todays episode I sit with friend and long distance colleague Ryan Gambin. Ryan is a former olympic athlete who competed in the 2008 games. Today Ryan lives in Australia, training combat athletes, pushing forward as an entrepreneur and keeping fatherhood as […]

Making yourself a priority and the path to conscious health: Kyle Dobbs

Today I interview Kyle Dobbs, strength coach, father, owner of Compound Performance. Kyle discusses how his personal experiences have shaped his priorities, his mindset on goals and habits, and how being a fitness professional has impacted him as a parent. In this episode you will hear: The importance of working to live vs. living to […]