Show Notes

Balance, Resiliency, and Leadership, w/ CEO Colleen Werner.

Colleen Werner is a CEO of a successful fitness company, a mother, wife, and a successful athlete. While she has held man titles, what Colleen has been consistently is a leader. In this episode you will hear my personal experience with Colleen as a leader, as well as how she found balance and resiliency throughout all of life’s transitions. Listen and Enjoy!

You can find Colleen through the Lula Fit Website and Instagram Page.

Essential Changes in Supplements for Women, W/ Donna Burke.

Donna Burke of PRTCL Products shares with us how she went from athlete to gym owner to owning her own supplement company. Donna noticed some disappointing facts on her journey. While many supplements and sporting equipment was marketed for women, they were causing significant side affects. Instead of being formulated for the very specific female body, supplements were merely made for men and the dosage was cut down. This isn’t only happening in supplements, as items such as soccer cleats were also shrunk to size, but never properly created for women! Donna is changing that, and it starts with her company, PRTCL.

You can find Donna at:

Oversimplification of: Habit Change. 5 Tips to Make Change More Achievable.

This episode is the first of a new series where break down and over-simplify complicated topics. In honor of my new virtual program I am kicking off the series with the subject of habit change. How does it work? Why is it so difficult? This episode will also provide my 5 tips and hacks to make the process easier. Send any questions to or go to the website to check out the virtual program and learn more about how I can help you, specifically.

Dementia Caretakers: The Unsung Hero’s, W/ Carrie Knowles.

In this episode you will hear from Psychology Today Expert writer and Author of 9 books Carrie Knowles. Carrie was asked by family to tell the story of them and her late mother, who was diagnosed of Alzheimer’s Disease years prior. Carrie’s latest book is a collection of her personal story as a caretaker, years of research on the subject of Alzheimers and Dementia, and the subsequent counseling and teaching she has provided countless individuals and organizations close to the subject. In this episode you will hear the affects being a caretaker has on an individual, how they must transition into this role, and, equally as difficult, how they transition out of the role when the time comes. Carrie is an amazing person with a kind heart and I thank her for sharing her stories with us.

You can find Carrie and her book at:

Her website

Her Book

Men and Mental Health, w/ Israel Smith.

Mental health is a serious issue for all, but an especially under appreciated topic for men. Israel Smith is changing that. After struggling through his own issues with depression, stress, and eventually the loss of his father, Israel is now helping many live healthier, happier lives.

Check out Israel at the following:

From Struggling Mom to Inspiring Coach, w/ Gina DiGiovanni-Kirby.

Gina is a mother of 3, wife, aunt, and has a full time career. Her 40th birthday became a motivation for her to start making some changes. 3 years later a simple internet program would eventually lead to a life transformation. Gina tells us her struggles, ones that we can all relate to, and how she finally managed to make the changes necessary to lose the weight she wanted to and become happier and healthier. Gina validates the need for patience and consistency. Now, Gina is not only sustaining her healthy lifestyle, she is also motivating others as a part time trainer. This is an amazing story and one I hope helps to light a fire for everyone that needs it.

Financial Health For Life Health, W/ David Chudyk.

Today we discuss the parallels between financial and physical health with David Chudyk of Parallel Financial and the Weekly Wealth Podcast. Who has not experienced financial stress? For many this is a significant daily struggle and certainly takes a toll on our physical health, immune systems, and mood. David talks us through the similarities between the health and financial industries and why working with a financial professional can help to alleviate life stress and help us with our overall health and wellbeing in the process.

You can find David at :

His podcast IG (As well as his Podcast!)

His website

Getting Out of Your Own way, W/ Crystal Harrell.

Happy Thanksgiving! In this very fitting episode you will hear the amazing story of Crystal Harrell. Soon to be PhD from Yale, and that might not be the most impressive part of her resume. Crystal once shared low income housing with 9 siblings, then lost her father at the age of 13. Now, Crystal is a best selling author, Army Officer, Former D1 athlete and Gold Medalist, and Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship recipient. Today Crystal walks us through her life, including her need to get out of her own way and start living for herself and what makes her happy.

You will also hear:

  • Crystal’s view on mentorship and her current role mentoring others through the college process.
  • Her views on her degree, Public health, and the challenges in seeing positive change.

You can find Crystal at:

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Perspective: Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle.

Today I speak about the societal perspectives regarding healthy eating and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Are dieting and healthy eating synonymous? Why have we focused our lifestyle decisions solely around weight loss and our appearance? Are we self aware? You will leave this episode with a lot to consider. Please let me know what you think! Rate, review, and email me at

Mindset During Adversity: From Parkinson’s to Ninja Warrior, w/ Jimmy Choi.

In this episode you will hear the incredible story of Jimmy Choi. Jimmy was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease at 27 years old. Today he walks us through his path from acceptance of his diagnosis, to his motivation to never let it be a limitation for him. Since then, Jimmy has participated in 5 American Ninja Warrior competitions, ultra marathons, 15 marathons, countless half marathons and so much more.

You will also hear:

  • How mindset must come before habit change.
  • The need to always chase what will make you happy.
  • How even the worst situations open the door to new opportunites.

You can find Jimmy: