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Behind the Scenes of Human Movement, Content Creation, and Finding your Niche, w/ Conor Harris.

In this episode you will hear from Conor Harris. Conor is an expert in human movement. He has trained countless amounts of clients and athletes to move better, and in doing so feel better. Conor has built a highly successful business not only training clients, but also educating fellow trainers on how to do the same. Listen in to hear how Conor started and built his platform. You will also hear:

  • Conor’s approach to content creation.
  • How the pandemic influenced the growth of his business.
  • Why the human body develops the way it does, and why you may feel the tightness and discomfort you do.
  • Conor’s three favorite exercises, as well as the three you may be doing too much of.

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E30: Addiction and Youth Athletes: More than athletic training, W/ Trevor Costello.

In this episode you will hear from Trevor Costello, youth strength and conditioning coach. Trevor tells his story of being a talented youth athlete who also struggled with addiction. He will guide us through his struggles and his path to sobriety. Trevor is now doing amazing work with youth athletes in Texas. He not only helps them to become better athletes, but also good people. Listen in to hear this story and the other great works Trevor is doing in the work of youth athletics and youth addiction.

Energy Deficiency and Intuitive Eating, w/ Dietician Brittany Wehrle.

In this episode you will hear from registered dietician Brittany Wehrle. Brittany primarily works with the athletic population, but has experience working with all ages and backgrounds. We explore the concept of ‘relative energy deficiency’. Essentially, are you properly fueling yourself for your needs? Both athletes and general adult populations struggle with balancing their food intake when other aspects of life are considered: aesthetics, stress, work/class schedules, sleep routines, children, etc. Today Brittany will walk us through her approach in guiding her clients to a more balanced plan.

You will also hear:

  • Brittany’s background.
  • Intuitive eating: what it is and how it should be used.
  • How an athlete transitions from the athletic world to more traditional jobs.

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Her website

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Tom Brady and 3 Keys to Success

In this weeks episode I briefly discuss my thoughts on Tom Brady and what has attributed to his success. I believe you can narrow down success to three key elements. Not just for Tom Brady, but for all of us. After you listen, give it some thought. How would you describe yourself amongst the three keys? Is there anything you think you can change? If so, we have created some positive focuses for you. Let me know what you think!

Cancer: Lifestyle for Treatment and Prevention, w/ Dr. Colin Champ

In today’s episode you will hear from Radiation Oncologist Dr. Colin Champ. Dr. Champ is a former MIT graduate, currently practicing at Duke University. You will hear us discuss his research regarding cancer, and lifestyles role in both treatment and prevention.

You will also hear:

  • Dr. Champ’s views on the keto diet and intermittent fasting.
  • The power of the food industry on our choices.
  • The commonality of decreased processed foods and sugars in all diet choices.

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Kids Eat in Color: Child Nutrition, Tactics, and Habit Building, w/ RD Jennifer Anderson

In this episode you will hear from Jennifer Anderson, a registered dietician who specializes in child nutrition and eating habits. I have been a big fan of Jennifer’s content for a long time now. Her tactics have made a significant impact on how I approach feeding my children. I now have healthier eaters with less stress on myself. Whether you are a parent or not, there will be takeaways for you in this episode.

You will also hear:

  • Why being an example for your kids is so important.
  • How to introduce new foods while still providing “safe foods”.
  • Tactics towards kids who will only eat the same small handful of foods.

Where can you find Jennifer?

Her instagram page

Her Better Bites program (from the episode)

Finding Your Authentic Self, w/ Lori Verta.

Today you will hear from trainer, coach, and mom Lori Verta. Lori is a former colleague of mine (and still a colleague, though from long distance). Since leaving our former place of employment each of us have done a lot of maturing and soul searching. Todays episode is about just that, finding your true self and in doing so making necessary life changes. Finding yourself takes experience, honesty, and trial and error. It can be a difficult journey, but an important one. Lori will be walking you through her personal experience with alcohol, and how an unexpected delivery would change her life.

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Postural Restoration and your Asymmetrical Body, w/ DPT Dan Houglum.

In this episode you will hear from Doctor of Physical Therapy Dan Houglum. Dr. Houglum works with adults and athletes of all backgrounds, helping them to decrease pain, bounce back from injury, and most importantly, move better. Dr. Houglum utilizes PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) techniques in his practice, and today you will learn all about those modalities and the theories behind them, as well as how they link to other aspects of your body and life.

  • Your body is asymmetrical: what that means and what to consider when it comes to exercise and injury.
  • How your body positioning (posture) links to other systems: mood, respiration, energy, etc.)
  • What should you consider when you are experiencing pain, tightness, or discomfort?
  • The power of movement and exhalation.

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Control of your life through control of your schedule, w/ your host.

Todays episode is the last of 2020! I will be ending the first season with a solo episode discussing the importance of owning your schedule. Are you on the boat or in the waves? Identify your starting points and listen in to my step by step process for starting and following a calendar.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to prioritize all your activities, including your family and social time.
  • This is not about being over strict, this is about control! Learn how to build confidence in making decisions through a template that is created by you.
  • A step by step process that you can start immediately.

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