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Every Mother is an Athlete, w/ Dr. Karlie Causey.

This week you will hear from Dr. Karlie Causey, a sports chiropractor, strength and conditioning specialist, and pregnancy and postnatal athleticism coach. Dr. Karlie and I instantly clicked during our planning call when we realized how similar our philosophies are. She has an impressive approach to fitness, discomfort, and pain. Specifically, Dr. Karlie works with […]

Making Yourself a Priority, w/ Dr. Carly Hudson.

In this episode you will hear from Dr. Carly Hudson, chiropractor, exercise therapist, masseuse, and yoga instructor. Dr. Hudson’s skillsets are as unique and interesting as her story. As a child Dr. Hudson experienced a serious illness. This illness has lead her appreciate life in a different way. More than that, she is able to […]

Chronic Pain: The Trainers Role, w/ Lucy Hendricks.

What is the trainers role when it comes to working with people experiencing chronic pain? While treating and diagnosing pain is assuredly the role of the rehabilitation professional, it is an equal necessity for qualified trainers to be able to help people in chronic pain workout safely, continue seeing results in the areas possible, and […]

Self-Sufficiency: A Lifestyle Perspective, w/ Chris Conley.

In this episode you will hear from Chris Conley: business owner, entrepreneur, husband, father, and, particularly for this episode, a mast of Self-Sufficiency. I’ve known Chris and his wife, Cira, for many years now. They are the ultimate DIY’ers. Cooking, gardening, composting, building furniture, starting businesses, making kombucha. You name it, they do it. What […]