Show Notes

Financial Health For Life Health, W/ David Chudyk.

Today we discuss the parallels between financial and physical health with David Chudyk of Parallel Financial and the Weekly Wealth Podcast. Who has not experienced financial stress? For many this is a significant daily struggle and certainly takes a toll on our physical health, immune systems, and mood. David talks us through the similarities between the health and financial industries and why working with a financial professional can help to alleviate life stress and help us with our overall health and wellbeing in the process.

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Getting Out of Your Own way, W/ Crystal Harrell.

Happy Thanksgiving! In this very fitting episode you will hear the amazing story of Crystal Harrell. Soon to be PhD from Yale, and that might not be the most impressive part of her resume. Crystal once shared low income housing with 9 siblings, then lost her father at the age of 13. Now, Crystal is a best selling author, Army Officer, Former D1 athlete and Gold Medalist, and Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship recipient. Today Crystal walks us through her life, including her need to get out of her own way and start living for herself and what makes her happy.

You will also hear:

  • Crystal’s view on mentorship and her current role mentoring others through the college process.
  • Her views on her degree, Public health, and the challenges in seeing positive change.

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Perspective: Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, and Lifestyle.

Today I speak about the societal perspectives regarding healthy eating and what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Are dieting and healthy eating synonymous? Why have we focused our lifestyle decisions solely around weight loss and our appearance? Are we self aware? You will leave this episode with a lot to consider. Please let me know what you think! Rate, review, and email me at [email protected].

Mindset During Adversity: From Parkinson’s to Ninja Warrior, w/ Jimmy Choi.

In this episode you will hear the incredible story of Jimmy Choi. Jimmy was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease at 27 years old. Today he walks us through his path from acceptance of his diagnosis, to his motivation to never let it be a limitation for him. Since then, Jimmy has participated in 5 American Ninja Warrior competitions, ultra marathons, 15 marathons, countless half marathons and so much more.

You will also hear:

  • How mindset must come before habit change.
  • The need to always chase what will make you happy.
  • How even the worst situations open the door to new opportunites.

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Chronic Pain: The Trainers Role, w/ Lucy Hendricks.

What is the trainers role when it comes to working with people experiencing chronic pain? While treating and diagnosing pain is assuredly the role of the rehabilitation professional, it is an equal necessity for qualified trainers to be able to help people in chronic pain workout safely, continue seeing results in the areas possible, and increase overall quality of life. In this episode Lucy Hendricks will speak to us about her experience working with individuals in chronic pain, and the outdated mindset that trainers have no role.

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Self-Sufficiency: A Lifestyle Perspective, w/ Chris Conley.

In this episode you will hear from Chris Conley: business owner, entrepreneur, husband, father, and, particularly for this episode, a mast of Self-Sufficiency. I’ve known Chris and his wife, Cira, for many years now. They are the ultimate DIY’ers. Cooking, gardening, composting, building furniture, starting businesses, making kombucha. You name it, they do it. What I’ve learned, though, is that these practices are less of a skillset and more of a way of life. Chris will talk about his perspective on trying new things, embracing the journey, and how failure is merely information that needs to be listened to. You will leave episode inspired to try to things! Oh, and by the way, Chris is also a brilliant marketing and creative mind. Check out his pages below!

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Self-awareness and Body Cues: Understanding your needs, w/ Vilmaliz Bosque.

In today’s episode, Vilma and I talk about the importance of understanding your body, it’s cues, and the affects of our choices. Our bodies are fantastic messengers, if only we have the ability to listen. Vilma will talk you through the importance of giving your body what needs, whether that be time, experiences, or a cheese burger. The key being having the self-awareness to know when to make these decisions, and how you might be affected.

You will also hear:

  • Vilma’s journey as an entrepreneur.
  • Why she takes a “weekend” day in the middle of the week, but works Sundays.
  • How she achieves balance without sacrificing joy.

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Just Start with 7 Minutes: Motivation, Discipline, and Movement, w/ Tony Stubbs.

Tony Stubbs is a former professional football player who learned during his younger years just how important movement and nutrition were to his health. While on the outside Tony looked like the definition of health, internally his body was giving him warning signals. Tony was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which motivated him to make immediate changes to his habits, as well as lead him down a career path that would help thousands change their paths as well. Listen in to hear Tony’s story, as well as his philosophies on motivation, discipline, and movement.

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Self-Defense: For Safety, Confidence, and Awareness. W/ Dana Hernandez.

Today Dana Hernandez walks us through her journey from veterinarian to self-defense specialist. She opens up about why she made the career change and all the emotions and challenges that accompanied it. Dana is now doing amazing work, helping women around the world develop the confidence, awareness, and self-defense tactics they need to stay safe. Dana’s passion and determination are unmatched, and you will leave this episode wanting to chase your passion as well. Dana has recently developed a virtual self-defense course that I highly recommend for everybody, female and male! Go to her Instagram page or website (both below) to check it out.

You will also hear:

  • Specific self-defense tactics and methods to stay aware and safe.
  • The multiple benefits of self-defense training, beyond being able to physically defend yourself.
  • The concerning statistics surrounded women and being attacked.

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Business Ownership and Health in the Midst of a Pandemic, w/ Justin Grinnell.

In this episode you will hear from Justin Grinnell, gym owner and personal trainer. Justin owns a successful gym in Michigan. Today you’ll hear him talk about how he started his business, how he adjusted during the pandemic, and his thoughts on people and their health. Justin has been a significant influence on myself and my business and I know all of you will benefit from what he has to say. Enjoy!

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