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Peptides, Hormones, and A Tiered Approach to Health: w/ Dr. Jason Pencek

This week we are talking with Dr. Jason Pencek. Dr. Pencek is a chiropractor and nurse practitioner. He started working in medicine as a registered nurse in 2010. He quickly realized that traditional Western medicine has failed many people. He went back to school in 2012 to study for his chiropractic doctorate. He attended National University of Health Sciences. While in school, he started training for IV therapies. The scope of practice of chiropractic medicine was too limited. He began his nurse practitioner degree at Olivet Nazarene while still attending National University of Health Sciences. He has been trained in dozens of therapies such as IV nutrients, IV chelation, platelet rich fibrin joint injections, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapies, neural therapy, ozone therapy, peri-neural therapy, stem cell therapies, and exosome therapies. He has made it his goal to improve longevity and health span in all of his patients. Today we discuss how he accomplishes this task through not only IV therapies, but through a complete health approach.

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The Mental and Physical Connection, w/ Dr. Matthew Tolstoy

In my 60th episode I have a great conversation with Dr. Matthew Tolstoy. What background doesn’t Dr. Tolstoy have? Matt is a licensed acupuncturist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), completing the three year training program in trauma therapy developed by Peter Levine. He is certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists as well as by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition to his private practice, Matt has been on staff at New York City Ballet and an educator for Equinox Health Clubs. What Matt will tell you is that it is his experience as a personal trainer that led him to his current work, helping people using a multidirectional approach that includes physical and psychological modalities. In this convo we discuss those modalities and connections. This was a really fun convo and one with many takeaways. You can learn more about Dr. Tolstoy and his work at:

Behind The Camera: w/ NBC’s Cortney Hall and Matthew Rodrigues.

This week the hosts of NBC’s Chicago Today Show join me to discuss the lifestyles that support their careers. I wanted to dive into the stress and pressure that come with life on camera, and what tactics each of them use to diffuse that stress. I ask Cortney and Matt about that press, their morning routines, strategies to de-stress, and how they turn it “on” when they may not be feeling at their best. As you will hear, both have their own strategies that work for them. My favorite part of the episode is the honesty we get from both of them, proving we are have all human and each have our own struggles with nutrition, exercise, work, and life in general.

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Mind and Body: The Collective Efforts of Positive Change, w/ Jason Komosa

This week we speak to Certified Mental Coach, Jason Komosa. Years after studying Psychology + Marketing while helping a small beverage company (Vitamin Water) grow into a Goliath purchased by Coca-Cola, and forgoing a Doctoral Program in Psychology at the University of Chicago to instead help launch an internet company (Groupon), Jason found himself confused, and unfulfilled. His career success grew at an exponential rate, as he was able to rapidly complete the ‘Path-To-Happiness’ checklist he superficially created as a teenager, albeit before the age of 30. He still found myself eagerly seeking more out of life. Now, Jason is using his education and experience to help others gain the habits and perspective they need to lead the life they were meant to.

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Cold Exposure, Ice Baths, and Human Potential, w/ Joshua Church.

Joshua Church, the Co-Founder of Edge Theory Labs, joins us to discuss the popular topic of cold exposure and cold plunges. Edge Theory Labs developed a revolutionary option for cold plunges at home, as well as a mobile option, neither needing repeated trips to the store for bags of ice. In this episode Joshua discusses why he got into this field, his passion for helping people reach their potential, and how cold exposure can be a powerful tool in your journey. You will also learn about:

  • The mental and physical affects associated with cold exposure.
  • How cold exposure can bulletproof you to the negative affects of stress.
  • The unknown benefits you will learn along the way.

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Interested in owning your own Edge Theory Labs Cold plunge? Click this link and use the promo code “Ricchio” for $150 off the purchase price.

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Improving the Corporate Environment, w/ Stress Management Consultant Sarah Alyssa Bobo

Today we are talking about corporate stress. Stress management consultant Sarah Alyssa Bobo talks us through how she works with companies to create the best possible environment for their employees. What does an effective benefits package look like? How does todays work from home vs. office culture create challenges and benefits to each of us? What are the signs a company may need some changes? All of this and more is answered in a great conversation with Sarah!

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Career and Life Burnout, w/ Suzanne Monroe.

Today we are speaking with Suzanne Monroe, the Founder and CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals and the host of the Live Well Dream Big podcast. Suzanne and I discuss the concept of career burnout. How do you identify if you are in or nearing a stage of burnout? What strategies can and should you consider? How do you make the right change to put yourself in a better position going forward? Suzanne answers all these questions and more and todays episode. You can also find Suzanne at the following:

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Blood Sugar, CGMs, and Food Combinations, w/ Austin Mcguffie

Today you will hear from the metabolism mentor, Austin Mcguffie. Austin and I discuss blood sugar, the affects of blood sugar on our metabolic health, and the benefits of using a continuous glucose monitor. I’ve been personally using a CGM for a few months now, and it has made an immediate impact on my food choices. Most would call me a healthy eater, and while that may be accurate as a general statement, I still learned a lot about what specifically affects my body and metabolism and in what way. These adjustments have helped me to make better decisions and only further improve my health. Austin and I discuss this, how to make good food and lifestyle choices without a CGM, and dive in to todays diet culture and tips to avoid the negative advice that is out there.

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Understanding and Education. Talking CBD w/ Kerwell’s Bryan Christopher.

In todays episode we are talking CBD w/ Kerwell’s Bryan Christopher. Bryan helps us to understand CBD, what it is, what it is commonly used for, and the variety of types. What you will hear consistently in this episode is the need for education. Educating ourselves when looking to add a new element to our lifestyle, and also how important it is to seek how educated individuals who truly listen to your needs. You can find Kerwell at the following:

Take Control of Your Health, w/ Registered Dietician Michelle Routhenstein.

In this weeks episode you will hear from Michelle Routhenstein, a registered dietician who focuses on hear heart, heart disease management, and heart disease prevention. Michelle approach to health is specific and clear. She leaves you feel like you have control over your situation and in a position to make the best possible choices for yourself. Specifically, you will hear the following:

  • How often to get blood work, what tests to get, and how to communicate w/ your MD.
  • How to recognize trends in all your health numbers.
  • Understanding nutritions role in heart disease prevention and management.
  • Childhood nutrition and building healthy habits from a young age.
  • How to make changes TODAY.

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