Every Mother is an Athlete, w/ Dr. Karlie Causey.

This week you will hear from Dr. Karlie Causey, a sports chiropractor, strength and conditioning specialist, and pregnancy and postnatal athleticism coach. Dr. Karlie and I instantly clicked during our planning call when we realized how similar our philosophies are. She has an impressive approach to fitness, discomfort, and pain. Specifically, Dr. Karlie works with women who are currently pregnant or in post pregnancy stages to not only return to their previous level of fitness, but far beyond. As the title says, every mother is an athlete, and this is the motto of Dr. Karlie’s business. You will also hear about her clothing company that makes athletic gear more comfortable and functional for women.

Whether you are a mother or not you will get a lot out of this episode. Listen and enjoy!

You can find Dr. Kalie at: