Author: mikericchio

Success is a moving goalpost. Appreciating life w/ Ryan Chen.

In this episode you’ll hear the story of Ryan Chen. Ryan would experience what many would call their worst fear. During a snowboarding trip he would over-rotate and fall during a jump, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Listen to Ryan’s depiction of how he handled this event, and eventually rebounded to the success […]

Taking the leap: Mom and entrepreneur w/ Beverley Simpson.

In this episode you will learn from Beverley Simpson. Mom, entrepreneur, marketing guru and former fitness manager. Beverley talks through her journey of being a mom and leaving a comfortable job to chase her dream and a better situation for her children. You will hear: What motivated Beverley to leave her job and start her […]

Understanding Your Exercise Program w/ Michelle Boland

In this episode you will hear from exercise specialist Doctor Michelle Boland. Michelle is the owner of Michelle Boland Training and her experience includes Division 1 athletes and general population and has been heard speaking across the country for the top fitness and health organizations. Currently she is working with both virtual and in person […]

Defining Pain w/ Doctor of Physical Therapy Franco Calabrese

Today we learn from DPT Franco Calabrese. Franco works for React Physical Therapy in downtown Chicago and I’m fortunate to have him as a direct referral for my athletes and clients. Franco graduated from the University of Michigan, originally starting out as a bonds trader before finding his passion in helping people increase their quality […]

Sense something, Say something, w/ Stephanie Arnold

Today you will hear the incredible story of Stephanie Arnold, a former TV producer who died for 37 seconds after giving birth to her child. Stephanie sensed something was wrong very early in her pregnancy, and it was her intuition that would save her life. Listen to Stephanie’s story and how fitness played a crucial […]