Dementia Caretakers: The Unsung Hero’s, W/ Carrie Knowles.

In this episode you will hear from Psychology Today Expert writer and Author of 9 books Carrie Knowles. Carrie was asked by family to tell the story of them and her late mother, who was diagnosed of Alzheimer’s Disease years prior. Carrie’s latest book is a collection of her personal story as a caretaker, years of research on the subject of Alzheimers and Dementia, and the subsequent counseling and teaching she has provided countless individuals and organizations close to the subject. In this episode you will hear the affects being a caretaker has on an individual, how they must transition into this role, and, equally as difficult, how they transition out of the role when the time comes. Carrie is an amazing person with a kind heart and I thank her for sharing her stories with us.

You can find Carrie and her book at:

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